Kathleen Rivers

I purchased my 18th century townhouse in 2005 and decorated it within weeks of moving in. Located in the French Quarter of historic Charleston, the house affords me a grounding in past roots yet with some updates suits my contemporary lifestyle and is warm and welcoming to all my guests.

A Message From Mimi

My mother, Marion Stewart Hudson Whigham, better known to her closest friends and family as "Mimi", was quite a character. She knew how to entertain, to make any and every moment special, and was a genius at welcoming people into her home being the best hostess around. My book, "Messages from Mimi" shares some of her wisdom on these subjects.

"Turn on every light in the house the minute you know company is coming. The cost of the electricity cannot come close to equating the glow on the faces of your guests as they bask in the luminosity of your home."

- Mimi